Take your students to a virtual tour to Cappadocia or into an ancient city like Ephesus like a real fieldtrip, without leaving the classroom. The potential is truly limitless.


Virtual Reality is a new technologies that has been making all kinds of waves recently; but VR is not only going to be used for gaming. Around 90% of what we see and do is retained, which is something that has always been missing from education; students do not retain as much information if they are just reading a textbook compared to having more real applications of what they’re learning. Which is why VR in education is so beneficial; this technology engages students in a completely new way which is more fun and engaging for them, and it increases retention.The Department of Education at DSC Management is exploring applications for VR to be used in education.



Virtual Reality at School 



The purpose of our program is to visit schools and provide everything teachers need to take their students on a virtual journey anywhere; the team will also assist the teachers in setting up and utilizing this technology. These VR experiences are meant to be like a really school field trip which teachers would have difficulties to take their students on; whether it’s to a beautiful natural wonder like Cappadocia or into an ancient city like Ephesus , the potential is truly limitless here. The way the app works is that the students and the teacher will see the same things and be in the same session, but the teacher will be able to lecture and highlight certain things which are relevant to the lesson.